Why I took a leap of faith and started a new Instagram page

Why I took a leap of faith and started a new Instagram page

In the last few months I have been debating if starting a new Instagram profile in line with my new website and change in company dynamics was the most sensible thing to do. This has been purely down to engagement and the unknowing problems I have created for myself over the last years.

Jul 1, 2018 | Business, Motivation

Until recently instagram was all about the number of followers for me as I’m sure it is with a lot of people. However this approach has led me to make some mistakes that now with instagrams new algorithm changes has caused me the big issue of lack of organic engagement.

The mistakes I made

Allowing any profile to follow me: this is not necessarily a bad thing if you want a high following count, however it is if you are looking to maximise your engagement percentages. This means all the times I have noticed hair extension, bitcoin, random fitness pages etc follow me I am lowering the engagement of my posts and therefore reach. These random accounts that do not interact have actually helped contribute to many people I know not seeing my posts and not having the opportunity to engage. (Whilst I was writing this post I set up my new account and with no posts on my page I have already had random accounts follow me using follow / unfollow techniques)

Follow and Unfollow Techniques: I have also deployed the follow and then unfollow technique, I think that this is a good way to build an engaging community if done manually and small numbers. I.e. you follow someone because you can bring something to each other’s pages. If that person doesn’t follow back or engage with your posts then an unfollow may be the sensible approach (this does not apply to friends and family!!). I however chose to use an automation app to do this and have ended up with a lot of followers that do not interact in any way damaging my page. This is also not inline with Instagrams policies so I believe I have lost my organic reach.


Working with an ‘organic’ SEO specialist: I have found a few people that offer this service so decided to try someone that could do this for my work and personal account. The aim in doing this was to allow me to have more time to post and interact on instagram. However ‘organic’ SEO actually means put your details into a programme that mass follows, unfollows and likes (In this case). Although amusing I was not happy when I checked on what images I had liked. Adult porn and strippers were not really my target audience for architecture and interior design enthusiasts!!

With all of that in mind I have started a new instagram page still under leohowson please click here (the old page is now leohowz). As my facebook page is new and twitter I have rarely used, it means all platforms will be used in the same approach and to a target engaged audience. Engagement is key with my new approach, its so much more rewarding and you are interacting with people that have the same interests and appreciate the time and effort going into posts.

I have included shots below of my new account so I can review this again in 6 months and compare the difference in approach. I am certain I will gain a more engaged and organic audience.


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