Shepherd’s Bush

Shepherd’s Bush

With a simple minimalist approach this chic refurbishment utilises a well-established yet timeless style.

Jul 16, 2018 | Architecture, Design


Easy whites and natural wood allow the eyes to focus on the pops of colour and then further into the garden.

The project involved a complete refurbishment and the addition of a basement. I often refer to this as the ‘underground’ London approach due to the increasing addition of basements seen on many new refurbishments.


The projection of an easy Zen flow is apparent throughout and this leads to the frameless glass extension installed as the showpiece.

Asian influences enhance and create a relaxing space that doesn’t disturb in any way. This approach could have easily been taken too far but the need for colour was clearly identified. There is a crescendo of bright artwork, a vibrant yellow lamp and subtle coloured fabric for the dining table chairs enhancing the overall design.

The garden uses the same approach with a gentle Buddha’s face overlooking the beige furniture and simplistic fire pit. Everything invites you in. There has been no bold attempt in design just pure minimalism and beauty in simplicity.



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