Subtle in design Grosvenor House was built with a combination of architectural precast concrete cladding and a glazed curtain wall. The three-basement, 45-storey structure sits on an 8,000 square metre plot, compromising of a 5-star hotel, hotel rooms and various apartments. (

Aug 20, 2018 | Architecture, Design


Situated on the North end of Dubai Marina Grosvenor House was the first hotel built in the Marina area. The Grosvenor House towers from a distance are a reserved and low-key design, especially being situated next to the eye-catching Cayan Tower. The Towers come to life at night when lit up, which is more in keeping with the overall vibes of chic and sophisticated.


These 2 towers are not extravagant in design and perhaps not designed to be iconic in the Dubai skyline. Although when being compared to the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab most other buildings do not compete. For my previous article on these building please click here.


There is a vast change as soon as you enter either of the towers, large expansive spaces. Beautiful chic interior design and marble floors meet flower displays and cosy corners.


Rooms designed around the essence of Arabia, spacious with vast views across the marina. The design is closer to traditional than modern with subtle shades and dark woods.


Beautiful vast views from the rooftop pools and bar in both of the Grosvenor towers. There is a clear view of the sun setting over the JBR beach nearby, something not to be missed. The Cayan Tower and traditional JBR Mosque are also visible from various areas of Grosvenor house both completely different but equally interesting in design.


As with many of the top hotels in Dubai, the restaurants are one of the key features, Grosvenor house is no different. There are 12 restaurants on site including Buddha Bar, Gary Rhodes W1, Siddharta lounge, Bella Vista and Toro Toro. The different atmospheres and themes of each restaurant really bring the hotel to life


Grosvenor House has a few memorable features that really make it memorable. For me, this has to be the large red Gorilla and Black horse lamp in tower 2. These modern touches are the first things I always recall when describing the hotel. These features are critical in enhancing the hotels cool and modern side whilst still remaining chic and sophisticated.



As with most buildings in Dubai the outside has been built for purpose and achieving a useable space that can show its true identity internally. The Towers are not cutting edge in terms of materials used, shape or function. However, the inside tells a different story with large expansive spaces designed to show a twist on chic and modern in line with the brands London Hotel and property.






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