Gary Rhodes W1 Dubai – Interior review

Gary Rhodes W1 Dubai

During my travels to Dubai, Gary Rhodes W1 has always been on the list as one of my top restaurants to visit. Located within Tower 1 of Grosvenor House in Dubai Marina the scene sets itself.

Aug 6, 2018 | Architecture, Design

The Entrance

It’s hard to miss the entrance with the Bright green neon lights set into an artificial grass/shrub wall. This is not only a great design but also a great marketing tactic. Everyone myself included stops for a picture outside and admires the design that leads you to the restaurant and beyond.

Let’s walk inside

As you walk into the restaurant the suspense builds with bright colours contrasted with subtle ones. There is no first glimpse into the restaurant itself until you reach a bright yellow reception desk.

The Bar

Chic glistening glass shelves cluttered with an assortment of bottles and glasses framed by a polished white bar top. There are a number of glass pendant lights hanging cleverly over the bar aligned with circular mirrors to create a parallax effect. This is all finished with yellow wallpaper splashed with a bird print, matching the bar stools.

The Seating

There is a consistent transfer from the seating in the bar into the main restaurant and beyond. The bar uses yellow/green bar stool covers complimented with plain white stools. Although relatively simple each stool has its own clever detail used to produce a modern design. The white stools have shaped and curved supports rather than standard legs identifying this approach.

Into the main restaurant, the same colours have again been used with green / yellow leather sofa seating along one side and white leather chairs opposite. This design is modern and chic without being overpowering in any way. This also allows the food to do the speaking in a great and easy atmosphere.

Key areas

There are a number of ‘private dining areas’ that really showcases the overall design. Although the same theme has again been used with bright yellow furniture and artificial shrub walls the space in this instance has been taken to another level. This has been achieved with a beautiful butterfly chandelier and the added extra of butterflies in the artificial wall.

This isn’t just any chandelier, the kaleidoscope of butterflies hover perfectly in the centre of the dining space refracting the light. This creates for me the real piece de resistance of the restaurant’s interior design.

Overall Design

Understated contemporary chic design allowing the food to do the speaking. The interior design creates a unique and inviting experience and atmosphere.

An English garden in the heart of Dubai



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