Dubai Interior Design

Dubai Interior Design

Dubai and interior design must by now be synonymous with each other. The many brands and hotels have provided a blank canvas for inspirational designs that range from subtly chic to just outrageous exuberance.

Jul 30, 2018 | Architecture, Design

Whilst the exteriors have been designed around functionality the interiors are starkly contrasting and leave a lasting impression. Dubai’s hub is definitely built around its hotels and brands. With the hotels containing the top restaurants and bars, it is evident they have looked to create a complete experience.

Everything about the interior design in Dubai draws you in; it entertains whilst creating different atmospheres, it’s an extension of the brand. This approach makes complete sense.

During my time spent in Dubai I have come across such different and great designs, I have decided to group a few concepts with locations.

Chilled / Beach Vibes

Both The Le Royal Meridien and Siddharta lounge have been designed with relaxing in mind. Light colours and shades combined with natural light wood flooring achieve an easy flow. Lots of details take the designs to the next level, with Le Royal Meridien putting an emphasis on corner spaces (in the Lobby areas).

Contemporary with a twist

Grosvenor House and The JW Marriot Marquis both utilise predominantly contemporary designs but with great twists throughout. Grosvenor House has cleverly used animals with a large red gorilla, horse lamp and jewelled Golden Falcon to add colour and interest. The JW Marriott Marquis uses lighting well throughout to bring everything to life.


Both of the Four Seasons hotels in Dubai are equally chic, with lots of cool bars and restaurants mixed in with some of the best views in Dubai. The structure is filled with various textures and shades to create the epitome of classic Arabic architecture mixed with a more contemporary design. Designed by award-winning architecture and design firm WATG, the hotel was inspired by characteristics often found in Andalusian-style architecture. This includes using classic spatial proportions and resources in order to create the perfect ambience to accompany multiple recessed entries, balconies in each room and a wealth of windows to allow natural light. (


If you are looking for over the top extravagance and pure opulence then look no further than the Burj Al Arab. Gold plated lift lobbies and embroidered silk wallpaper highlight the no expense spared approach.

Dubai is a must visit for any enthusiast of Interior design, it won’t disappoint. The city comes alive at night, if you can organise visits early evening to catch a location from daylight to sunset andΒ to night then you can understand a design in complete context.

What places in Dubai would you add to the must visit?




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