The importance of fitness and business

The importance of fitness and Business

If you are serious about running a successful business and want longevity then fitness and health should become a habit and an integral part of your week and routine.

Jul 18, 2018 | Business, Motivation, Success

For me, fitness and keeping healthy is non-debatable for so many different reasons. The difference keeping active and healthy makes in everyday life and especially in running a business is massive. I am not going to talk about diet and food in this article but will be soon.

I have always been involved in sport or gone to the gym so it’s never been something I have ever had to question, it’s a habit. I’m a believer of the environment you create for your body will translate to the mind and subconscious and in turn influence decision-making.

I’m often in the car for 5 – 6 hours or working from the office, either way, I’m sat so classify myself as having a sedentary job. I identified this early on in my life as something that could have made me lacklustre and procrastinate. Ensuring I am active has always boosted my ability to be productive and organised, making the most out of the hours I put into my business.

My focus and creativity levels are also directly dictated by my exercise patterns. The increase in my dopamine levels allows me to create great ideas, plan my week, remember important tasks and focus in on what’s important, getting rid of any negative energy and thoughts. It’s that ‘shower’ feeling but amplified x 10!

Running a business can be and will be at times stressful, what you do and how you deal with this stress will be pivotal in constant growth and progress. Exercise 45 – 60 minutes 4 times a week for me is a pretty good deal to alleviate stress and burn out. It has also meant I have always looked forward to a Monday and I can't wait to get going.

The other benefit we can’t forget is feeling and looking good, the added energy when you walk into a meeting with more self-confidence is huge. Keeping healthy and fit makes you more comfortable within yourself and this shows at critical times when you need it most. Closing out a deal, critical meetings, negotiating funding, problem-solving, Recruiting, the list goes on.

If you are looking to take things to the next level make time for fitness and health and ensure it becomes something you don’t have to persuade yourself to do.



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