Located in Warwickshire and linked to a traditional farmhouse this modern extension by Hayward Smart Architects (http://www.hsarchitects.co.uk/) floats carefully cantilevered and sensitively attached to the existing property. Large sheets of architectural glazing combined with zinc cladding compliment the existing farmhouse, with the ability to see through to the existing stonework and the claddings red colour additionally complimenting the stonework and roof tiles.


Country: UK

Area: Warwickshire

Climate: Temperate

Temperature: 0 – 30 Degrees °C



The exterior of this new extension has been carefully crafted to contain various design layers, some designed to complement the existing building whilst others add a contemporary edge. Every façade and view has been taken into consideration including the use of a sedum finish roof. Such a tentative design is unusual but always important in crafting a project that works and lasts contextually.

The new extension has ensured the existing views have been captured in every direction. Large slim sliding doors meet on a glass to glass corner, this means the view is equally present both when the doors are closed and open. With such large expansive and uninterrupted view, these glass panels offer both function as well as form within the overall design.

Complementing the glazing is interlocking pigmento red zinc panels, red cedar timber and PPC aluminium. The chosen colours mostly match the existing building so although not alike in design maintain a level of consistency without looking out of place. The main contrast within the extension is a singular red powder coated post located centrally on the rear façade. This provides a splash of bright colour and something interesting for the eyes to be drawn to amongst the other colours.

The complete extension also cleverly has the appearance of floating with a singular wall holding it up. In fact, the extension is supported by a simple steel post and beam system hidden within the wall. These hidden details create yet another depth to the overall design and installation.



The internal space provides open plan living with a kitchen and dining area. The space is clutter free with ample storage to ensure this is easy to achieve. A concrete tiled floor meets the existing stonewall with a singular bright red doorframe to warm the space up. Timber cladded shelves and seating area again provide usable space with minimum interruption into the space. This approach maintains the feeling of openness and keeps drawings the eyes back out of the glazing to the beautiful views beyond. The Kitchen units are contrasting in black and further pick out the pops of red colour seen in a few places. Utilising a hidden extractor fan has allowed the kitchen to be centralised and feel at the centre of each space.

Whilst the interior of the extension is open plan in terms of floor space the ceiling has been cleverly used to create individual spaces within this. The steel structure although completely concealed stands proud of the main ceiling line. This compartmentalises the kitchen space, dining space and living area simultaneously feeling like a unique space whilst still connected to each other. A small section of roof glazing has also been installed to add extra light and show a clear separation of old and new. This deliberate separation enhances the overall design whilst providing a feeling of height.



  • Hidden steel post and beam structure
  • Large glazing panels
  • Slim sliding doors
  • Glass to glass corner
  • Zinc cladding
  • Timber cladding
  • The appearance of a floating structure
  • Red used to inject colour
  • Hidden storage
  • Open planning living
  • Clever use of the ceiling to provide another dimension to the space
  • Concrete tiled floor
  • Roof Glazing
  • Hidden extractor fan 


This modern extension by Hayward Smart Architects is deliberate in adding functionality and form simultaneously. The materials used completely differ from the existing building but compliment it to achieve a sense of belonging. The extension floats out with a cleverly hidden post and beam system and further emphasises the beautiful views. Internally an open plan floor space meets shallow ceiling divides indicating where a divide might have been and providing a psychological divide that can’t be seen. A modern extension designed to enhance the existing building whilst also standing proud as a new and creative design.


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