Located in Hackney, London this lean to extension by ccasa architects sits proudly attached to the existing building. Designed to create a larger open plan living space this lean to extension provides extra light, unique useable new spaces, open plan living and an inside-out space. What would have been a small closed space has now become a larger versatile design.



Country: UK

Area: London

Climate: Temperate

Temperature: 0 – 30 Degrees °C



The exterior consists of the reformed existing space and the new lean to extension. New aluminium sliding doors have been used to replace the existing doors, therefore, utilising the same opening, this creates a sense of consistency externally between the existing and new building. The new lean to is linked to the existing building with a frameless glass roof and two pocket doors both opening out into outside spaces. The pocket doors create larger openings than could have been achieved with splitting this into two panels. This ensures the space can be opened to its maximum and allows a more dynamic inside to out design. The frameless roof glazing allows a vast amount of much needed light into the space whilst acting as a modern twist. The roof has also been designed to allow for the removal of any joint support creating a greater feeling of height.

The new lean to extension also features brick facades linked to the party wall ensuring there is a space available to house the new kitchen units. Without this space, it would have been difficult to ensure the design was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Little has been redesigned with respect to the existing space. This has been left as a large open plan area with the capacity to change and become whatever the needs may dictate in the future. Currently, this space is being used in sections with a dining, office and lounge areas.

The new lean to extension contains a new kitchen and worktops. With white worktops and cupboards, the kitchen seamlessly helps create a large and minimalist space. Shaped kitchen tiles and a yellow steel help cut some colour and dimension into the design and give the eye something different to focus on. The new extension steel support has also been left exposed and powder coated with an anthracite grey finish, matching the sliding doors and roof glazing. This cleverly contradicts an otherwise minimalist space and blends added industrialism.


  • Lean to extension
  • Kitchen design
  • Open plan living
  • Frameless finish roof glazing
  • Pocket doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Refurbishment
  • Industrial design
  • Inside out design
  • Minimalist design


This Hackney extension provides a blend of functional space and open plan living in a city location. This has been achieved by not trying to over design the space and making the most of the existing features and openings. The new lean to extension provides a vast amount of light and large inside out spaces with hidden pocket doors. Subtle design features have been installed throughout to ensure the overall design is not cold and adds further dimension bringing the overall project together.


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