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Carrying on from my last post ‘Cotswolds Farm House’ and staying in the Cotswolds, this is another great example of mixing contemporary products with traditional. A traditional stonework build merged with a frameless glass roof, slim sliding doors and a painted glass fascia. The Cotswolds continues to prove as the perfect location for these amazing contemporary extensions.

Image Credit – Matthew Williams-Ellis 


Located in the centre of the Cotswolds, the property is secluded enough for peaceful country living but also close enough to a few larger towns. This provides a perfect mix of country living and a bustling town for special occasions or just to pop out for a coffee. Perhaps not the place for a city lover, however definitely the place for a picturesque sunset or warm evening by an open fire.


As you approach this traditional stone build there is nothing to indicate the contemporary symphony waiting inside. Traditional Cotswolds stone is blended with a tiled roof and timber windows. The building materials continue around the property until you reach the new extension. The traditional design/build has been continued with the extension, however, there has been the addition of contemporary glazing to create a real grand design. Ultra slim sliding doors spread across the rear façade with a unique painted glass soffit. The main roof is predominantly flat with the exception of the junction between the new extension and existing house. The frameless roof glazing creates a great transition between old and new whilst allowing light into the space.



The extension has been divided into 2 spaces within one to reflect its shape and size. The kitchen and units have been installed to one end and within the traditional build, this utilises the wall space and provides a useable area needed within any family home. Open plan living has been created with a large dining table directly in front of the sliding doors and inline with the frameless glazing. Combined with a herringbone wood floor finish the interior space is chic, light and spacious.


  • Ultra slim sliding doors have been installed to create an inside-out area whilst minimising framing to ensure when the doors are both open or closed the inside and out feel like one.
  • Fixed glazing has been installed with a painted glass area and painted glass panels above the sliding doors to create a unique soffit and transition from contemporary to traditional.
  • Frameless roof glazing provides a clear timeline of existing building to new whilst allowing for maximum light.
  • A proportion of the extension has also been built with traditional materials to ensure there is a useable space for the kitchen and storage.
  • Light interior decorating and furniture compliment the traditional stone and contemporary materials ensuring consistency



This contemporary Cotswolds project offers a twist on a conventional glass extension. Mixing stonework with slim sliding doors and frameless roof glazing has enabled a perfect blend of traditional and modern design. This property is traditional on first appearance with a hidden grand design extension.


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